Beyond Our Electrical Repair Services: We Also Offer Electrical Inspection Services

Electrical Contractor San Pablo,CA

Whether you have just remodeled and installed your new home’s new electrical system or if you’re experiencing recurring electrical problems with your present electrical system, it’s good to do an electrical inspection from time to time. Joe Piquette Electric is the electrical contractor you can trust. We’re known for our excellent electrical repair services, but we don’t just fix electrical problems — we also offer electrical inspections! If you’re planning a major renovation and have a few concerns about the electrical system, get in touch with our team in San Pablo, CA.

DIY vs Professional Electrical Inspections

It’s possible to conduct your own electric inspection using simple tools, but it can be a huge challenge since you won’t be able to detect all problems that are lurking on your property. This is why it’s best to call our team and book our electrical inspection services instead. By doing so, you’re assured that the electrical systems that are installed on your property will be inspected from top to bottom and that all possible problems will be detected and resolved. You’ll also save plenty of time and effort, which can be put toward other aspects of your project.

We Conduct Effective Inspections!

Our electrical inspection services follow a series of steps to ensure the inspection is comprehensive and that all potential issues are identified and resolved. If a potential issue is identified during the inspection, we’ll explain it to the homeowners and suggest a solution to it. If there are no issues, we’ll conduct a final walk through. We’ll make recommendations regarding future electrical work and provide a checklist of items for future follow-up. All inspection reports are professional and thorough, providing our clients with everything they need to make an informed decision regarding their electrical systems.

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